Mu Chapter is proud to announce the initiation of the Fall 2016 pledge class candidates. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this year’s recruitment efforts who graciously lent their time and financial support to ensure the continued success of Mother Mu. Here is a list of the candidates and their badge number.

Avery King, Mu 2661

Nick Barlow, Mu 2662

John Boucek, Mu 2663

William Morris, Mu 2664

Jack McGolrick, Mu 2665

Chad Kupec, Mu 2666

Landen Benson, Mu 2667

Grant Metts, Mu 2668

Charlie Ogletree, Mu 2669

Jack Sawyer, Mu 2670

Antonio Imbornone, Mu 2671

Charles Peroyea, Mu 2672

Alex Landry, Mu 2673

Evan Kellams, Mu 2674

Garrison Hotchkiss, Mu 2675

Kevin Riordan, Mu 2676

Alex Taylor, Mu 2677

Andrew Wilson, Mu 2678

Connor Meitin, Mu 2679

Nathan Adams, Mu 2680

Charlie Goldman, Mu 2681

Will Ezrine, Mu 2682

William White, Mu 2683

Corey Soper, Mu 2684

Luke Miltner, Mu 2685

Ryan Mulkey, Mu 2686

Conner Day, Mu 2687

Sean Murtaugh, Mu 2688

Josh Owens, Mu 2689

Stuart Copeland, Mu 2690

Kerrigan Arnold, Mu 2691

Scott Rossi, Mu 2692

Jared Siegel, Mu 2693

To Potential Rushees: Please contact us with any questions about rush, Sigma Nu, or Greek Life at The University of Georgia. Keep in mind that every brother was once a rushee and had many of the same questions as you do. Every Brother understands the rush process well, and any and all questions are welcome.

Also, we encourage you to visit our National Fraternity’s recruitment website.

To Alumni: If you are aware of any potential new members who are either currently enrolled at The University of Georgia or will be enrolling in the Fall, please let us know so that we may contact them.

Rush Chairman:

Nick Barlow        (404) 386-2070  nickb03@gmail.com

Come Tailgate with us for G-Day
Come tailgate at the Chateau and attend a special ceremony dedicating a bench in memory of Christina Semeria and Halle Scott.
Sigma Nu beats KA 12-0
The Classic City bowl was a huge success this year. The men of EN featured a high power offensive attack as well as a stone wall defense.
2nd Annual Classic City Bowl
The brothers of Mu Chapter are proud to be hosting the 2nd annual Classic City Bowl April 23rd at 5:00pm. Please click for more details!


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